Kristin Monk is a star child, born and bred in rural New Jersey and currently searching for the perfect Bloody Mary, slice of pizza, and apartment (not necessarily in that order) in New York City. Kristin believes that the practice of yoga and mindful living enables her to cultivate the ability to find joy in each day, realizing that every experience holds its own beauty, and that every being is connected in our shared experience. Every day brings new opportunities to find yoga in, and through, our lives, just as every day is a new chance to practice being a little more patient, and a little more kind, to others as well as ourselves. Kristin has a bunch of education, but it took her eleven years of school and work experience to do absolutely nothing related to any of her degrees. Do what makes you shine!! And don’t take out too many student loans. 

During her down time, she enjoys slow and juicy yoga, getting lost in long books, traveling to wild places on whims, making ice cream and other absurd adventures with her wombat, sunshine, and red wine. Let’s be friends!