What some people are saying about Monk.

“You, Kristin Monk, are a Humanist. You do in fact spin tales, about the intrinsic dignity and worth of just plain folks. And about self-realization for those who watch the world with you. You have the love and compassion of Mitch Albom, but without the sappy sentimentality. You have the observational acuity of Garrison Keillor, but without that touch of satire… because satire is, after all, simply passive-aggression masquerading as humor. You are not preachy-keen! Nor is shock for the sake of it a compelling component of your style.
You sometimes flirt with revelations of how you came to be, but cathartic as that may be for you and your readers today it cannot sustain you for the duration… and you know that so you rest a moment and look for direction.
You are of course a wonderful wordsmith. But your gift is the ability to light the world with your stories of nannys and poppys and sisters and bumble bee whisperers. You are a Humanist… and extraordinary spinner of tales about the intrinsic dignity and worth of just plain folks like us…and you make us magical.”— S. Hartwell

“You are such a kind person. Truly kind. With no hidden intentions.No ulterior motives. Just love for the sake of love.”—S. Rodriguez