So, I have a bio, under the clever little “About Me” button, that covers the basics. But, you know, ask away. I’m an open book.

If there is anything more self-serving than a blog, I’m not sure what it is, but here it is—my own personal Narcissus glass, where I can dump all of my musings on me, and you, and the world, and hope that in some way they serve more than my own neuroses.

Ah, please, let them serve more than my own fucked up neuroses.

narcissus. what a dude.

I am a writer. I am a yogi. I am a lover of baths, and ginger tea, and spontaneous bursts of joy. I hate miniature golf with a passion that borders on violence, and I could eat oatmeal three meals a day.

I am deeply flawed, and terribly whimsical.

This is going to be my story. My touchstone. It won’t always be pretty, or funny (but, sometimes it will be both).

But we’ll get there, together.


If a journey of many miles begins with a single step… will you take a walk with me?














this blog, and these musings, are dedicated to the community of elephant journal. you all know who you are. you gave me new life, and i love you all more than i could ever properly express, for I am a mere word slinger, and you are brave, kind elephants. I bow.

also, michelle ann esquillo. I love you, sister-soul. Thank you.