Some Talk of You & Me began as our Editor in Chief’s personal blog. One day it became more: three incredible writers joined in a conversation and decided they wanted to help create a place where people could read, and write, about the issues that were meaningful to them—and have some fun. They wanted to hold the space for connection to occur: the kind that happens when we read a piece and it rings so true for us that we think, “I could have written this,” and for conversation to happen: conversation as a curious dialogue, where we are always eager to discover more.

Some Talk of You & Me is where we connect to have the conversation that we’ve always wanted to have: real, authentic, and inspiring. This space is a constantly evolving dialogue of contemporary issues, creative endeavors, health, current news, sexuality, mindful living—and every other topic that speaks to the community. As we grow, we look forward to your voice joining our conversation—

What do you want to talk about?