i’m a little monkey-unicorn hybrid, writing by day and practicing yoga… also by day, mostly.

this is my personal blog (so 2000s!), a place where i can be a person and be silly and political and gutsy and all the things that we strip away when we start to worry about those other persons, who are also just being persons, too.

maybe i’ll make you laugh, or maybe i’ll make you put a fist through your screen. at best, i’ll make you hope, or┬ádream. at worst, i’ll make you feel… something.

i don’t have any answers. and you know what? i stopped looking for them, myself.

i’m here to ask questions. i’m here to explore the space between.

i’m here for some talk of you. and of me.

and, you know. some other stuff.

let’s go on an adventure, shall we?