Some Talk of You & Me Submission Guidelines

Hi! We’re so psyched that you are interested in contributing to Some Talk of You & Me. It’s an incredibly brave step to put your work and your heart into the world, and we honor your courage. This community and dialogue are very dear to our hearts, and it’s our mission to support an evolving conversation that will empower our readers. Please check out our submission guidelines below. When you’re ready, send over your piece to editor@sometalkofyouandme.com. We will be in touch within 48 hours.

  • Please submit your piece as either a Word doc attachment or in the text of your email. Please include your full name and a suggested title for the piece (if you have one—though we may change it!).
  • Please include a short bio and a head shot. Your bio should be a short, personal write up about what makes you a special unique snowflake. Make it as cute, crazy, and silly as you want, but please write in the third person, and don’t curse. Please send a thumbnail sized picture of you—again, silly and fun are great, but steer clear of the profane.
  • Your submission can be any length (for visual expression, such as sending uploads of your art, please email first). Try to aim for anywhere between 500-1,200 words— not too short, not too long. Just right (have you read that book, too?).
  • You can submit about anything you want— our mission is to encourage connection and conversation that is empowering and authentic. When you read a piece on healthy eating that inspires you to connect more deeply in loving your body, or when you see a piece of art where you feel the artist’s loss, and know that it is the same flavor loss, tasted on a different tongue, that we all experience— that is where we strive to connect. In every topic. It’s varied and thoughtful, provocative and boring—just like life.
  • Content standards: This is a no-brainer, but we don’t accept material that is sexually explicit or contains hate speech/slurs.

Writer’s block? Here are some of the things we want to hear about, though this isn’t all inclusive: Creative Media, Health, Wellness, Mental Health, Spirituality, News, Mindful Living, Parenting, Dating, Relationships, Marriage, LGBT, Gender Issues, Artistic Expression, Work and Business, Fitness, Food, Travel, Adventure.

  • You may submit previously published work—if the website allows it— but please include all appropriate credits and links back to the original.
  • If you include pictures or photographs, you must have permissions or rights to any photos you submit with your stories.
  • We use the Oxford comma. We know that some websites don’t, and some of you went to schools that did or didn’t, and some didn’t even believe in commas at all and maybe used way too many semi colons. Until something definitive is published on the subject, or our Editor in Chief dies, we use it here.
  • Please steer away from “listicles”—unless this is the listicle that is going to blow everyone’s damn mind. Yes, the Ten Commandments was a “listicle”, as was the Four Agreements, and yes, some are very clever—but at those points in history people still had enough creative juice to write the bloody Odyssey and Macbeth and such. The Ten Commandments is not “12 Ways to Better Abs.” You’re better than that—we have faith. And we look forward to receiving your non-listy, creatively juiced piece.

Terms, Conditions, & Other Legal Talk: By submitting your work to Some Talk of You & Me or any persons associated with it, you are granting Some Talk of You & Me and all persons associated with it the rights to edit, publish, and promote your work. Promotion of your work may include sharing it on social media, and/or granting permission to other websites with related content to reprint your work in part or in full. We want to encourage an environment where your gifts—whatever your creative expression may be—will thrive, so please share your piece—once published on Some Talk of You & Me, you may re-publish it on other websites after publication here. We maintain the right to keep your finished post on Some Talk of You & Me in perpetuity. Contributors understand they will not receive monetary or other compensation. You are responsible for the content of your work, for which Some Talk of You & Me assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise. By submitting your work, you agree to receive emails relating to your work from Some Talk of You & Me.